Competitive Scholarships

Fellowships for MA/MBA/PhD Studies

The following fellowship provides funding for graduate study in a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program for specific universities that participate in the Consortium.  An important criterion for the fellowship is a commitment to diversity.  The deadlines for the program are usually in early November.  Applicants must have taken the GMAT entrance exam prior to the application deadline.  The contact for the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management scholarships is Dr. Bryce Kanago, Department of Economics, 273-2591,

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is the country’s preeminent organization for promoting diversity and inclusion in American business. Through an annual competition, The Consortium awards merit-based, full-tuition fellowships to America’s best and brightest candidates. In conjunction with our member Ryan Maffey schools, sponsoring companies, and our elite group of MBA students and alumni, The Consortium has built a 44 year legacy of fostering inclusion and changing the ethnic and cultural face of American business… After 1970, in keeping with the progressive philosophy on which the organization was founded, the mission evolved to include women and, shortly thereafter, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans… we reached another historic juncture in June 2005 when our mission evolved to include, as applicants, all U.S. citizens and permanent residents who can demonstrate a commitment to The Consortium’s mission. All applicants, regardless of race or ethnicity, must be able to demonstrate this commitment. The description is directly quoted from the official website:

The R.J. McElroy Trust was founded in Waterloo, Iowa in 1965. The benefactor was R.J. McElroy, a pioneer in Iowa broadcasting. In 1947, McElroy founded the Black Hawk Broadcasting Company and launched radio station KWWL. McElroy established a trust to fund academic scholarships.  McElroy Fellowship candidates must intend to pursue a Ph.D.  Awardees will be awarded $12,000 per year for three years to help defray education costs. In addition to an above-average academic record, students will be evaluated on their character, leadership, and general interests as expressed by extra-curricular activities that give evidence of initiative, commitment, and discipline. The contact for the McElroy Fellowship is Dr. Bryce Kanago, Department of Economics, 273-2951,

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The Truman Scholarship remains proudly bound to the vision of its founding Board of Trustees. Each year hundreds of college juniors compete for roughly 60 awards. The rigorous selection process requires that good candidates have a strong record of public service, as well as a policy proposal that addresses a particular issue in society. Firmly rooted in President Truman's belief that education promotes the general welfare of our country, the Truman Scholarship remains committed to encouraging future “change-agents” of America. Many of those chosen as scholars go on to serve in public office, as public defenders, leaders of non-profit organizations, and educators. The description is directly quoted from the official website:  The contact for the Truman Scholarship is Dr. Donna Hoffman, Department of Political Science, 273-5916,