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Competitive Scholarships

Campanile in the FallUNI’s most talented undergraduates are encouraged to consider applying for nationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships. Some awards provide funding for students to pursue graduate studies, often abroad. Others fund opportunities for public service in developing countries. There are a few scholarships that provide funding to undergraduate science majors.

Because competitive scholarships attract applicants from some of the country’s most prestigious institutions, it is important for students to begin preparations early so that they can acquire the experiences that will allow them to compete on a national stage.

The Committee for Competitive Scholarship Mentoring was formed to prepare and support students pursuing national scholarships and fellowships. The committee mentors candidates as they prepare, apply, and interview for awards.

Please use this site to familiarize yourself with the resources UNI offers to students interested in pursuing prestigious funding opportunities.

Check out the video below about a recent UNI winner of a nationally-competitive scholarship!